Milorad Cavic Partners With FINIS

Olympic silver medalist Milorad Cavic has recently teamed up with FINIS, Inc. a European brand maker of swimming apparel and gear. The collaboration is intended to develop advanced gear and equipment which could help enhance the performance of swimmers. Cavic will provide useful insights and give tips and pointer on how to improve swimming gear to Read more about Milorad Cavic Partners With FINIS[…]

Milorad Cavic Retires from Swimming

After years in the professional swimming circuit, Milorad Cavic had decided to retire from the sport. Coincidentally, his retirement coincides with that of another swimming legend, his arch rival American Michael Phelps. Their careers are seemingly intertwined. They both came on the scene at the same time, and quite poetically end their careers at the Read more about Milorad Cavic Retires from Swimming[…]

Milorad Cavic Holds Charity Event

Milorad Cavic, along with several sports celebrities, will be holding a charity event for the benefit of their favorite foundation, American Cancer Society. Every year, Cavic and some of his close friends and fellow professional swimmers, hold this event to help raise funds for cancer research and other purposes related to the conduct of such Read more about Milorad Cavic Holds Charity Event[…]